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G+H Reinraumtechnik offers three cleanroom ceiling systems, either walk-on or non-load bearing. This enables us to satisfy the requirements for all classes of cleanroom.

Time and again, our three cleanroom ceiling systems have proven their worth, no matter whether the installation density is high or low. They come in standard and special designs and can also be completely application-specific.

G+H KL clip-in panel system – G+H VarioAccess cleanroom ceiling – G+H VarioAccess walk-on cleanroom ceiling: these give our customers, contractors and builders complete flexibility when it comes to ceiling design. Even tricky construction problems are easily dealt with – ceiling cavities where the installation density is high, for instance, or areas with different heights of ceiling. Inspection flaps, lights and air vents are all part of our standard fixtures. Our range of accessories includes the following:
Cleanroom lights (with emergency lighting), cleanroom lighting for Ex areas, air vents, ceiling diffusers, filter fan units, laminar flow components. sprinklers and other ducts.
On-site assembly is fast and efficient. Later modifications and changes are carried out quickly and safely. Our engineers and fitters can draw on the experience of hundreds of projects. Our customers and contractors profit from this.

Find out all you need to know in the way of further information and technical details here:

G+H KL clip-in panel system
G+H 40/100 VarioAccess cleanroom ceiling, non-load bearing
G+H 100 VarioAccess cleanroom ceiling, walk-on

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