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Having the right cleanroom equipment is part and parcel of a successful cleanroom project.

Locks and lock controls, cupboards, sit-overs, cloakrooms and locker rooms? When it comes to the fixtures and fittings needed for your cleanroom project, we can provide you with a solution that is technologically correct and also makes sense from a business standpoint.

Take passage locks for personnel and material, for instance – our own cleanroom wall and ceiling solutions enable these to be integrated perfectly into the overall concept. Along with a wide variety of cleanroom door options. And we can vary the ways in which the controlling and locking functions operate to suit the specifications involved. Our standardised lock control is capable of interlocking up to five doors. Infinitely variable time delay settings of up to 700 seconds are possible. Priority assignment, access checks, alarm functions etc. are developed and installed as a function of the object in question

We also supply customised solutions for locker rooms, cupboards and cloakrooms. These are an important part of a perfectly functioning cleanroom.

We would be pleased to answer your questions. Just send us an e-mail. Or call us on +49 (0)6 21/9 63 65-3 62.