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Cleanroom revolving doors and sliding doors – sophisticated and proven solutions for all classes of cleanroom.

Dimensions, surfaces, colours, glazing, equipment – your particular requirements and specifications also matter when it comes to cleanroom doors.
G+H cleanroom doors that seal tightly on all four sides. This applies to all of our designs, be they manual or automated.

Cleanroom revolving doors are available with one or two wings. With large glass panels flush with the surface on either side, if so wished. Electromechanical door openers are used to lock or unlock the doors. Other options are shear or surface magnetic locks that are built in flush with the surface of the frame or door leaf.

The hinges are concealed. This improves the optical appearance and makes it easier to clean the doors. Integrated overhead door closers built into the door leaf or frame offer the same advantage.

Cleanroom sliding doors are also available with one or two wings. They are designed to either seal tightly or for controlled air overflow. Both manual and automated operation is possible. Door wings are either solid or come with the maximum amount of glass. Double-sided, surface-flush glazing. Surface magnetic locks, flush-mounted into the frame and door leaf.

Red/green indicators, surface-flush on high-grade steel plate, are built into the door frame at our plant.

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