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You’d like to contract out your entire cleanroom project to one single source?

We build individual modules and also set up complete cleanrooms. Use our experience and skills in all phases of your cleanroom project. Let’s talk! Call +49 (0)6 21/9 63 65-3 62. Or e-mail us your enquiry.

Consultation and planning: Compilation of all relevant planning criteria for your cleanroom project • Technical requirements / specifications • Overall concept, quantity survey, draft design including ventilation and air-conditioning • Quotation including description of services and specifications

Tender documentation and approval: If required, tender modules for specific trades • Specifications and description of supplies and services, evaluation and verification • Input planning • Dealing with authorities and approval agencies

Design and production: Factory and assembly plans for technically and commercially optimised solutions • Cleanroom elements, e.g. ceilings, walls, doors manufactured at our plant

Contractual performance: Coordination with principals, with the on-site management and with the various trades involved • Installation of the entire cleanroom • No interference with adjacent production flows • Supervision of quality and deadlines

Acceptance and commissioning: Hand-over and binding acceptance • Complete documentation • Technical briefing

Care and maintenance:  Service and maintenance contracts • Training of client’s staff